Monday, November 29, 2010


Good one Lidl. What did we do before you came to town? We lived in rip off republic for one thing. No more Evian in the car radiator.  Finally, the Germans have arrived to put manners on us.

For your euro, you can buy two packets of pasta. That's four meals right there. Unbalanced maybe but some solid carbs to give you the energy to look for a job.

Granted you have to scrounge some olive oil and salt for the cooking. Loads of places have free salt. Just grab a fistful in your nearest fast food boutique. Olive oil is more difficult but if you only bought one packet of pasta and saved the 50 cents for a week then Lidl can supply a decent olive oil for a mere €3.50.

If fresh pasta is more your thing then check out this for 99 cent. It comes with filling too! Of course it won't last as long so you're not really squeezing the last drop of value out of your euro.

And then there is organic for the health conscious. Again it costs more but at least you're saving in medical bills (provided you believe it). Oil is also required here but unlike the bog standard pasta, it'll take just under a year to save for it and you may just want to kill anyone who suggests pasta in the future.

There are ways of heating water that do not require electricity but they are messy and should not be tried in the house or without a sensible adult.

First tip is to refrain from using petrol on your fire - firstly because you need it for the car you can't afford anymore and secondly because the fire will be more difficult to control. Think nature's bounty and consider leaves and wood to get the party started.

Once your pasta is cooked just stir in a little of whatever is leftover in the cupboards from the before time. Pesto is best but what are the odds that you still have any? A tomato from the farmer's market is a welcome addition to all the insects that fell in the pot as it cooked on the smoldering fire you managed to half light on the landscape gardner's little masterpiece.

This is the ideal time to lament letting that basil plant die as you chew the half cooked mush. It's food and will keep you going even if you only have a single euro